Wisconsin Valley

Enjoy nature’s splendor while riding in a car that served our country! Built in 1953 by the St. Louis Car Company, the Wisconsin Valley, formerly a U.S… Army Medic car, now offers you a smooth ride while enjoying a quiet lounge environment. With comfy lounge chairs and table seating for 20. This car will make for a great trip.

Along with six fridges and four freezers in the main kitchen area, and a glass door fridge above the cafe line, you will have plenty of area to store all of your beverage and food necessities

In the kitchen there is two convection ovens and a microwave, along with more refrigerator and freezer space. There is plenty of room to set in a portable range for any frying needs as well, and two steam tables to keep food nice and hot.

Other bits of information

-Built in 1953 by St. Louis Car Company for the U.S… Army as Army hospital car 89553.
-Acquired by Amtrak in 1973 and reconfigured in May 1974 to a Le Pub cafeteria lounge and numbered 3403
-In April 1980 it was rebuilt with head-end electrical power and renumbered 3103
-Friends of the 261 in 2001 acquired the car. It’s interior was renovated in 2002 and again in 2011. It is named in the “Valley” series after the Milwaukee Road’s series of eight “straight” parlor cars built for Hiawatha and Varsity (Chicago-Madison) service in 1948.