Super Dome

A new outlook on happy travel boosted the Milwaukee Road, with their first end-to-end dome cars built for any railroad. Built for the Milwaukee Road by Pullman Standard in 1952 as Super Dome 53, it is one of 10 ever built and is the heaviest passenger car ever built, weighing in at 104 tons.

#53 is ideal for your viewing and dining needs. With over 85 feet of glass to look out on either side, you are sure to not miss a thing. Upstairs there is comfortable seating for up to 54 people, with a full service wet bar for all of your beverage necessities.

Downstairs you have a large walk in kitchen, with up to date refrigeration and freezers, commercial microwave, convection oven, steam table, range, and griddle. Also a large double basin kitchen sink and commercial coffee maker with matching canisters, so you can keep fresh coffee brewing non-stop.

Also downstairs, there is seating for up to 14, for that small meeting or additional seat that you may need.

Contact us for your next trip and remember what the Milwaukee said, “What a way to travel! Look up, look down, and look all around through your Super Dome ‘picture windows’. ” And experience yourself what there is to see!

NSRX #53 – Amtrak Certified #800862

Other bits of information
-The Olympian Hiawatha was discontinued in 1961, and six surplus dome cars were sold in 1964 to Canadian National, including car 53, which in 1965 became CN 2401 and was named Athabaska.-Renumbered CN 2701 in 1974 and was sold to VIA Rail Canada in 1978.
-Sold to the C&NW for business service in 1985 and renamed “Powder River”.
-Acquired by North Carolina DOT in 1996 renumbered NCDOT 400301 and named Mount Mitchell. Received over $1.8 million for mechanical upgrades including new windows, restrooms, kitchen, electrical system and 24 ton air conditioning system.
-Acquired by the Friends of the 261 in 2005
-Interior remodelled 2010