MKT 403

The Missouri Kansas Texas (MKT) 403 was originally built in 1913 and used as a chair car. In 1946, the M-K-T Railroad, (nicknamed the Katy), started a 2 year rebuild of the car to install the wood interiors, bedrooms and stainless-steel kitchen. The car was built specifically for the Vice President of the KATY shops, Mr. Hy Warden. In 1988 the car was purchased by John F. Marshall from the M-K-T, and restored to its last 1940s appearance and updated to today’s Amtrak mechanical requirements. The car has hosted such dignitaries as President Harry S. Truman, Senator L. B. Johnson, Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn, Former President Jimmy Carter, Senator and later Vice President Al Gore, President Bill Clinton and Senators John Carey and John Edwards.

This car has galley kitchen at the head end of the car, with a crew room equipped with shower and toilet. Followed by a dining room. Down the hall way there is 3 master bedrooms, with complete showers and bathrooms. At the tail of the car is the lounge area, followed by the open platform.