Car Shop Report

Information about the Passenger Fleet from the Friends of the 261

2018 Car Shop Report Fall

2018 has brought big changes to the fleet of the Friends of the 261. 2 new domes and a complete overhaul on the Fox River Valley, former Henry Hudson. New Gaskets and windows are on their way for the Silver Palace, former Western...

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2018 Car Shop Report Summer

In December 2017 the Friends of the 261 purchased two dome cars from Canadian National. The cars are former Western Pacific California Zephyr dome coach Silver Palace and Algoma Central dome coach observation. The cars were last used on CN’s Algoma...

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Cedar Rapids Restoration

Steve Glischinski Shoreview, MN MINNEAPOLIS – Milwaukee Road 4-8-4 No. 261 was steamed up Sept. 13 for the first time since October 2013. Friends of the 261 Chief Operating...

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Lamberts Point Project

Over the last few months, Friends of the 261 employees and volunteers have been busy working on the business car Lamberts Point. The car was always ‘ready to roll’ and was kept up to Amtrak standards, but the Friends decided 2012 was a good time to finish updating the...

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2011 Winter Project

This summer the Friends of the 261 completed work to upgrade coach No. 203, the Nokomis, to full Amtrak compatibility. This car has a fascinating history, both when it was built and when it came to the Friends. American Car & Foundry constructed the car in 1947...

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2010 Winter Projects

Every year, the Friends take on some of our bigger projects during the winter and early spring months. Last year we took on the challenge of renovating the upper level of Super Dome 53. This year we have undertaken repairs of the observation end of the Cedar Rapids....

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