Golden Valley

Built by Pullman-Standard  in 1958 as a 73 foot baggage express car for the Northern Pacific as #220, it ran on the North Coast Limited and Mainstreeter along with other Northern Pacific passenger trains.

After it was retired, it was obtained by the St. Louis Steam Train Association, operator of the Frisco 1522, it was repainted in the Frisco Meteor passenger train paint scheme and named Black Gold. Operated with SL-SF until that locomotive was re-retired and the car was subsequently purchased by Friends of the 261.

Complete with a full back bar, plenty of storage space, & on board sound system.

Golden Valley has the ease of being converted for any event from party cruise to concessions car, and even to a wine and cigar lounge, with plenty of open air ventilation.

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NSRX #220 – Amtrak Certified #800…