Originally numbered 202A, when delivered in April 1956, it was part of six sets of A-B-A E9s. The numbering sequence for the third set was 202A, 202B and 202C. Later the set would become 32A, 32B and 32C. After passing through several railroads, Miklwaukee 32A found a new home with the Friends of the 261.

As part of the active fleet with the 261, Milw 32A will get some well deserved tlc, including new side panels, matching paint job, new electronic to meet PTC requirments and more.

Below is a portfolio of some of the many changes taking place on the Milw 32A.

Removing belt rail on 32A

Removing belt rail on 32A

Belt rail removal, in prep for panel replacment.

261 volunteers clean and grind away all the rust and muck in preperation for rust prevenitaves and new belt rail mounts.

Body panels removed, cleaning up rust and dirt from 65 years of service.