Parking is available in the Yellow Highlighted area of the image below.

Hello Gourmet Express Passengers, we are just weeks away from our upcoming journey and we have some very important information regarding the passenger loading location for our Excursion Train.

​PLEASE NOTE: ​Our train will now be boarding and departing from St. Louis Park, Minnesota. Due to operational changes and in order to ensure the train operates on a time, we have moved the boarding site to 36th Street and Brunswick Ave. in St Louis Park. This is a very easy location to get to, just West of Hwy 100 and Hwy 7 and exit at Wooddale Ave. South. It is located right next to Jorvig city park which is the location of the original restored Milwaukee Road Station and the site of the original depot for St. Louis Park. 

Google Map of Friends of the 261 Boarding location

Please note that while there is plenty of parking available we would ask you arrive a few minutes early to allow some extra time if needed. We will have people on-hand to help and plenty of signage. There will be parking available in front of the Nordic Ware building on 37th street and the Union Congregational Church (in yellow on map below) has given us permission to use their parking lot in addition to on street parking. We will reserve parking spaces for passengers that can’t walk long distances. We would ask that if possible, please consider ride sharing as it will help reduce the need for others to walk.

These changes are due to construction of the new SW light rail line, track maintenance, increased freight train traffic, as well as liability and PTC requirements in the downtown location. We are grateful that our host railroads are helping us with the continued operation of our special excursions and we thank you for your patience and understanding. We feel these changes will actually enhance the train ride by eliminating the slow running through the Kenwood area at 10 mph and the back-up moves required when departing from our Minneapolis area. The train ride will be the same duration, but now we will be able to go further west and get to faster trackage sooner.

Thanks and see you on the train!

Google Map of Friends of the 261 Boarding location