Fox River Valley

2018 has brought big changes to the fleet of the Friends of the 261. 2 new domes and a complete overhaul on the Fox River Valley, former Henry Hudson. New Gaskets and windows are on their way for the Silver Palace, former Western Pacific coach dome. Custom carpet is on its way for the Silver Palace as well as the Fox River Valley. The Fox River Valley is having major changes made as well. When the car was with Amtrak it was a Buffet car, complete with steam table and lots of refrigeration. With most of the item in need of major repair, it was time to convert it back to a lounge car

Five windows were cut back open, which were previously plugged by Amtrak, as well as all new windows through out the car. Two new bathrooms are being added back in, many mechanical updates are being made with simplifying the electrical and hvac systems. The Fox River Valley is also being completely refinished from floor to ceiling in African Mahogany.

The Fox River Valley will make its debut appearance on the Gourmet Express in September 2018. Be one of the first people to ride the Fox River Valley!