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Available Excursions


Join the Friends of the 261 as we head overseas on this eight-day exploration combines intriguing history and architectural masterpieces from some of Europe’s most poignant periods, with a fascinating insight into modern European culture and traditions.

The city of Budapest is our starting point for this remarkable journey, laced with a beautiful collection of medieval and Baroque buildings. Before boarding our exclusive private train, we take time to discover the absorbing history of the once divided cities of Buda and Pest and explore some of its modern day customs.Read More

Emerald Isle Explorer

The Emerald Isle Explorer is the first opportunity in modern times to enjoy a journey by steam for a whole week around Ireland. It is not just the aspect of steam that will make you feel as though you have been transported back half a century to an altogether different world, that is still the way in much of modern Ireland, where no-one is in a hurry and everyone has plenty of time to enjoy your company.Read More